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It is so important to be Eco friendly


It is so important to be eco friendly to save our mother nature.


eco - friendly and recycleIT Recycling is the process of collecting unwanted IT equipment and reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. Many companies like us help communities and businesses make it easy to recycle by placing orders used in IT and office furniture buying companies who pickup freer of charge or small amount.

Also, Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution, and water pollution

How Office-e-cycle help companies to recycle their IT waste in an eco – friendly manner? 

First, we look at what types and how much IT waste are available with the customer . And then see how we can the customer dispose of their IT waste in the most cost-effective manner.

Our team has vast experience in processing and dispose of IT equipment in a way that meets with Environmental Waste Policies. Because of that, we do:

  • ●Explain the customer of the global standard of e-waste processes where customers can select the most suitable method which is compliant with the customer’s company policies.
  • ●We calculate the carbon footprint of each IT waste pickup process – A carbon footprint is historically defined as the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, event, organization, or product, expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent.
  • ●During our IT waste recycling process, we carefully examine all the items and clean, repair, and hygiene for either resell for reuse or donate.
  • ●We follow rigorous standards for these procedures are set forth by government agencies and private institutes across the globe. Avoid physically damage data devices unless otherwise, it is a must requirement for the customer.
  • ●Reuse boxes for transporting and storing goods.
  • ●We avoid disposable items as much as possible.


Office-e-cycle works eco-friendly manner – Save paper, save trees, save the planet.

Our office staff reuses paper by using both side printing, Our staff emails or other documents are not printed. Unless we really need a hard copy.

We think it is very important to be eco – friendly and recycle.


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